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Here you'll find the collaborations of Kevin R. Free and Eevin Hartsough from webseries to productions, podcasts to blogs; you'll find it all here. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and be sure to check out our new show NIGHT OF THE LIVING N-WORD!! coming to the New York International Fringe Festival in the Summer of 2016.

Night of the Living N-Word!!

There's nothing scarier than a white woman bent on saving a race! When guests at Channing's party go missing, Barbra holds the key. A slasher-comedy with a bloody point. You can bury the N-Word; can you make it DIE?!

Kevin R. Free's latest play will premiere as part of 2016 The New York International Fringe Festival. Read more about NIGHT OF THE LIVING N-WORD!!

Gemma & the Bear

Season 1 of MyCarl's award-winning webseries Gemma & The Bear can be watched in full on YouTube! What are you waiting for, gurl? Get on that right now!